The Estate and its Background

The Guy family took over the Coujan Estate in 1868. Their love for nature and wine has thrived there ever since, making the most of the rare and magnificent wealth of the Saint Chinian land.

Picture an islet of fossilized coral, ideal for draining a vineyard’s soil and planting a noble variety of vine, as did Francois Guy; add to that the passion of this man, a major factor in the development of the St Chinian denomination, and you will better comprehend how the notoriety of Coujan wine came about.

Nowadays Florence, his daughter, runs the estate. She will welcome you at any time throughout the year since the most effective way of appreciating the charms of the location is to visit it. Not only can you then benefit from the exceptional surroundings where more than 80 peacocks freely reign (theirs is the image on the estate’s label!), but you can discover the particularities of each vintage during a session of wine tasting.