The Vineyard and the Wine Cellar

The Vineyard.

The vineyard covers 56ha. The vines are planted on slopes at an altitude of 140 metres in clay-limestone soil.

The bedrock is a rare islet of fossilized coral with exceptional properties for draining.

For your information:

As from autumn 2008, the estate’s 140 hectares has been progressively converted to organic means of cultivation. This seemed an obvious step for the Guy family who have, little by little, seen the emergence of a new equilibrium. Insects, butterflies, birds, vines, orchards, medicinal plants, fields and scrubland henceforth rub shoulders, thus transforming Château Coujan into an islet of biodiversity.

The grape varieties:

AOC Saint Chinian.


  • Roussanne 1,5 ha.
  • Rolle 5 ha.
  • Grenache blanc 1 ha.


  • Mourvèdre 12 ha.
  • Grenache 5,2 ha.
  • Syrah 20 ha.

Local Wine.


  • Sauvignon 0,7 ha.
  • Muscat 0,5 ha.
  • Viognier 0,3 ha.


  • Merlot 4,4 ha.
  • Pinot noir 3,7 ha.

The Wine Cellar.

This is an “old school” wine cellar with a long aisle bordered with century-old tuns; yet it is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery including a stalk-stripper, pneumatic wine press, cooling units enabling refined vinification, from temperature regulation to the length of maceration.

The Bois Joli and Kenza Marie vintages are matured in traditional half-muid barrels (600 litres) made of new oak from the region of Allier. The containers are as diverse as they are useful: tuns, glass-lined cement vats, stainless steel vats and half-muid barrels. The cellar’s storage capacity is 14 000 hl covering the annual production which varies between 2000 and 2200 hl. Florence, Michel, (the manager) and Lucien (cellar man) constantly oversee the wine’s development by means of regular wine-tasting and precise analyses.

The cellar remains a convivial venue where you can taste our wines on request thereby becoming better acquainted with them.